Below is some information regarding the online & day-of-show registration, payments, times, etc.

{Payments / Confirmations / Receipts / PayPal}

Online Payment: If you have registered online, please make sure to check your spam/junk folder for a payment confirmation. It does take some time for it to process on our end. If you do not receive a payment confirmation but have your PayPal receipt, it will be acceptable. Just print either the confirmation of payment email or PayPal receipt and bring your ID.

Day-Of-Show Payment: You can register for show, display, swap spot the morning of the show (please see the hours below) and purchase general admission tickets all day. Please make sure to bring cash as we will not be accepting credit cards, PayPal or checks the morning of the show.

{Arrival Times}

[8am-10:45am]: If you registered online and paid, this is the time slot for you.
[9am-10:45am]: If you want to register the morning-of-the-show to show, display, or set up a swap spot than this is the time slot for you.
[11am – 4:45pm]: If you want to get general admission tickets to spectate than this is the time slot for you.

{Arrival Process / Clubs / Groups / Vendor Display Vehicles}

[Pre-Registered & Paid] If you pre-registered and paid, please make sure to say that at to the person at the main get and you will be directed to a specified line/area. We will have your payment information to confirm at this area only. Please have the copy of your receipt / confirmation of payment email printed along with your ID ready.

[Morning-Of-Show Registration] If you plan on registering the morning of the show or if you registered online but did not PAY, please say that and you will be directed to the specified line/area.

[Clubs / Groups] We want to accommodate you with parking together but this will take a little time with vendors setting up, registrations, etc. Please arrive together and we will do our best to get you in and parked together in a timely manner. We appreciate your patients in this manner as we anticipate a very strong turnout this year.

[Vendor Display Cars] Please get in contact with the vendor as you will be entering through a different gate. Let the person at the gate know you are a vendor display car and the company if you arrive at a different time (we advise you arrive with the vendor).

{Show Registration (judged)}
Please visit the Information / Show Registration booth to receive your car dash card, number and packet that will open at 10am. Please place the dash card on your dash for the judges to see. Display only vehicles will also receive a dash card but will not need to register for a car number. We will be placing small stickers on your windshield to identify your status at the show. If your car does not have a show/judged sticker it will not be judged.

{VIP Registrations}
You will receive a ticket to claim your included items. Please take it to the information booth once it opens at 10am.

{Show Alerts / Messages}
We have implemented an app for this years show that will send out a text message during the show for alerts about raffles, judging, announcements, demos, etc. Please do not reply to the message as we will not be answering any. This is used to alert you if you are too far from the stage area to hear any announcements and is private to you. Please visit the following website to either download the app or enter your phone number (email is an option but not recommended) –

Hope this will help answer questions and assist in a smoother process at the show. We greatly appreciate all the support you all have shown for this year’s show and will be moving forward with 2016 to include some sort of motorsport again. If we forgot to mention anything, please get in touch!

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